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AnimAide XT is a frame capture software for animation made for Mac OS X.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 6341K
Developer: Spebtor, Inc.
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Updated: 08 Jan 2007
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AnimAide XT is a frame capture software for animation made for Mac OS X. With the animator in mind, it gives you tools to build great animations with your Mac and digital camera.

It is an extended (XT) version of AnimAide built with more features. Some of the most notable features are video support for Firewire DV cameras, sound, lip-sync, time-lapse, and a frame editor.

Here are some key features of "AnimAide XT":
Video support for Firewire DV cameras
Support for Digital Still cameras
Frame Editor
Script automation
Clap Activation
Export to movie (images and sound)
Print out bar sheets.

Limited to 60 frames
Limited to 2 seconds of sound
Time-Lapse limited to 10 frames
Exporting and Printing disabled.

What's New:
Large screen preview
shift sound position forward/backward
delete digital still camera image from card after download
added 'Save As Project' menu option
added recent folders menu
added low-res option.

Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS 10.3 or later
400 MHz PPC G3, G4
500 MB of RAM
500 MB hard drive space

Suggested System Requirements
1 GHz G4, G5 PPC or better
2 GB RAM or more
5 GB hard drive space.

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