Blood Pong 1.5 review

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Blood Pong adds Kombat action to a proven game.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Krappy Software
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Price: $9.00
Updated: 06 Sep 2006
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Blood Pong adds Kombat action to a proven game.

There are dozens of pong games, but not one that allows you to rip your opponent in half! Blood Pong takes the classic game of yesteryear and adds a whole new dimension of Kung-Fu Fighting action.

Packed with power moves and fierce blows, Blood Pong is guaranteed to bring out the Bruce Lee in you!

Here are some key features of "Blood Pong":
12 Paddle characters with their own special signature moves
One and Two player modes
Finish off your opponent after defeating them!
4 Additional secret characters hidden in the game!
And many more hidden secrets!

Timed delays at the end of the game.

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