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Need a professional audio solution for film or video? With Deck, you can spot effects, edit dialogue, process soundtracks, record ADR-style voiceovers and craft complex mixes to stereo or complete 5.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5656K
Developer: BIAS, Inc
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Price: $399.00
Updated: 10 Jun 2006
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Need a professional audio solution for film or video? With Deck, you can spot effects, edit dialogue, process soundtracks, record ADR-style voiceovers and craft complex mixes to stereo or complete 5.1 surround — all while in perfect sync to a QuickTime movie or DV clip.

For music production, Deck is a dream: It's stable, capable, and sonically superb, with up to four realtime effects plug-ins per track.

Working in broadcast? Deck is fast, easy, and a remarkably cost-effective editing platform. And, its broad range of audio tools include surround mixing, are perfectly suited to multimedia development — for video games, the Web, presentations, or whatever.

Here are some key features of "BIAS Deck":
Record, mix, play back, & process up to 64 simultaneous tracks
Up to 999 virtual tracks
High-performance, realtime mixing console, with dedicated faders, pans, & other controls
Automated level mixing with high-resolution moving faders
"Rubberband-style" breakpoint automation
Mixer states "snapshot-style" scene automation
Clip-based automation: Copy, Paste, Drag & Drop automation envelopes follow audio regions as they are moved
5.1 channel surround mixing capable, with fully automated, track-by-track, multi-algorithmic 360° panning to Left, Center, Right, Surround L, Surround R, plus LFE (subwoofer).
Surround mixing pan algorithms include Radius 5.1, Variable Width 5.1 and Room Ambiance 5.1.
Advanced realtime signal processing with VST plug-in support*
Includes over 25 free VST audio effect plug-ins, including BIAS Freq 4-band paragraphic EQ & BIAS Vbox SE multi-effects control environment*
Built-in realtime DSP effects including Chorus, EQ, Delay, & Multitap
Support for multiple sample rate & bit depth formats, up to 48kHz & 16-bit**
SMPTE/EBU timecode-fluent for editing, spotting, & external chase-lock synchronization***
Slaves with subframe accuracy to external video tape recorders & other transports — ideal for layback & other assembly***
Import QuickTime movies & synchronize audio-to-picture with better-than-frame accuracy
Scrub QuickTime movie with full audio chase
Lightning-fast spotting of audio clips to picture
ADR (automated dialog replacement) capable
Monitor previously recorded tracks while recording new tracks (optionally in sync to a QuickTime movie)
Discontiguous clip selection
Clip nudging & trimming — with better-than-subframe accuracy
Sync to external MIDI sequencers***
Non-destructive punch-in & punch-out
Master fader with stereo effects bus
OMF support allows importing from other DAWs such as non-linear video editors including Final Cut Pro, Premiere & Avid
Use built-in Macintosh audio inputs/outputs or compatible audio interface/card hardware
Supports most ASIO (OS 9), Sound Manager, & CoreAudio (OS X) compatible audio hardware
Supports multiple file formats including AIFF, SDII, .WAV, .SND, & QuickTime
Export sessions as QuickTime movie with multiple format options
Allows external waveform editor such as Peak to be launched from session
Includes Peak LE 5 at no extra charge - for advanced sample editing, mastering, and CD burning.

* Not all bundled VST plug-ins are currently Mac OS X compatible, but can be used in Classic (OS 9.x) mode
** With compatible hardware; 16-bit/44kHz CD-quality audio with built-in Mac audio in/out
*** Via third-party CoreMIDI drivers (Mac OS X) or OMS drivers (OS 9).

14 days trial.
Nag screens.

Requires manufacturer supplied Product Authorization Code within 2 weeks of installation
Power PC, G3, G4, or G5 Processor ( 266 Mhz or faster )
Mac OS 8.6 or later
128 MB RAM minimum
20 MB available disk space
18 ms hard drive (average seek time) or faster
Apple Sound Manager 3.3 or later (for use with Mac OS versions prior to OS X)
QuickTime 3.0 or later
CarbonLib 1.4 or Later (Mac OS 8.6 to 9 only)
Recording/playback at higher bit depths may require third-party hardware/drivers
Built-in 16-bit Macintosh sound, or supported ASIO (OS 9), Sound Manager, or CoreAudio (OS X) compatible audio card/hardware & driver
CoreAudio support requires compatible CoreAudio hardware & drivers.

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