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CineLook makes your video look like film using revolutionary new technology.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: DigiEffects
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Updated: 25 Apr 2006
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CineLook makes your video look like film using revolutionary new technology. CineLook is a major upgrade to the award winning CineLook that allows the video professional to process any pro-format video footage to make it look like it was shot on film!

CineLook can simulate any film stock, including 8mm, 16mm and 35mm stocks. CineLook achieves this effect using several technologies working together to create a full film simulation, with amazing amount of creative flexibility and incredible ease of use.

CineLook simulates film in four steps: 1. Apply Film Grain, 2. Process Film Color Correction, 3. Adjust Frame Rate, 4. Simulate damage. CineLook2 also supports unusual frame rates, such as 10 FPS, 12 FPS, 16 FPS, etc... It will support PAL or NTSC sources, and now can add RGB, Monochrome, HSV, CMYK, or YUV grain!

Also included with CineLook2 are these other plug-ins:
• AcidWash
• Adaptive Grain
• Banding Reducer
• Bleach Bypass
• Day for Night
• Film Flash
• Film Motion (integrated or separate)
• Fingerprints
• Gate Weave
• Grain Reducer
• Handwritten Text
• Letterbox
• Light Leaks
• SkinnyLook
• Soft Focus
• Solarize
• Vignette.

What's New:
In upwards of 11 times faster then CineLook 1.
Cinemotion is rolled in.
It is resolution independent.
Other film style Pug-ins packaged with CineLook 2 include Bleach bypass, Day for night, Vignette, Film Damage, Fingerprints, Handwritten Text, Gate Weave, Film Flash and more.

After Effects 6.5 or higher.

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