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Audio Overload is a video game music player for the Macintosh.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Richard Bannister
Price: $0.00
Updated: 16 Jun 2006
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Audio Overload is a video game music player for the Macintosh. It includes support for play lists, and it supports transparent decompresion of .rar archives.

It supports the following formats:

• AY - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX
• GBS - Nintendo Gameboy
• GSF - Nintendo Gameboy Advance
• GYM - Sega Megadrive/Genesis
• HES - PC Engine
• MDX - Sharp X68
• MOD - Commodore Amiga
• NSF - Nintendo NES
• RAW - PC with AdLib
• SAP - Atari XL/XE
• SNDH - Atari ST
• SPC - Super Nintendo
• VGM - Sega Master System/Game Gear
• YM - Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST

Note that the current version is a Public Beta Version; please read the documentation before use.

Here are some key features of "Audio Overload":
Playback support for twenty one different music formats.
Transparent decompression of GZIP, LHA, RAR, and ZIP archives.
Optional volume level normalization.
Export-to-WAV functionality.

What's New:
Added support for gzips nested inside other archives.
Added support for NSFE files.
Rewrote the VGM engine to support the latest files, needed for Project 2612.
Numerous fixes to the S98 engine; sound quality should be much better now.
NSF and GBS files no longer allow you to go two tracks beyond the end of the file.
The SNDH engine no longer stops playback at the three minute mark.
Fixed previous/next song highlighting in KSS driver.
Blargg sent in FME-07 support for the NSF engine (Gimmick!).
R. Belmont added support for various PC AdLib formats (.ROL, .SCI, and .IMF).
R. Belmont added support for .VTX files (Spectrum).
R. Belmont added support for ID666 tags in SPC files, and converted the code to use the Game_Music_Emu engine.

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