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Xdata, a plug-in for Quark Xpress (Mac OS and Windows), works like a mail merge on steroids.

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Updated: 21 Aug 2006
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Xdata, a plug-in for Quark Xpress (Mac OS and Windows), works like a mail merge on steroids. Using a powerful English-like scripting language, you write simple (or complex) rules about how you want your data formatted. These rules tell Xdata how to import and format your text and graphics, using the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of Adobe InDesign. With one click, Xdata builds your documents at jaw-dropping speeds? hundreds, or even thousands, of pages per hour.

Here are just a few things you can make with Xdata:

• Product catalogs of all kinds
• Classified advertising
• Directories
• Financial and legal reports
• Phone books
• Course listings
• Real estate guides
• Broadcast guides
• Trader and swap papers
• Music catalogs
• And much more, limited mostly by your imagination.

Xdata's best feature of all? No risk! With a free project evaluation (e-mail support@emsoftware.com with project details) and a 100% money-back guarantee, you can?t go wrong.

Xdata has been in production use at thousands of sites, world-wide, since 1990.

What's New:
Xdata 7.3 is a fully-functioning serialized release. If you've used a registered copy of Xdata 6 on your machine, then once installed in QuarkXPress 7's XTensions folder this version should work without reentering a serial number. Otherwise, when prompted you'll need to obtain and enter a 6.x-style Xdata serial number appropriate for your operating system.
This version of Xdata reads data files encoded as Unicode (UTF-16 and UTF-8); however, its internals are not yet Unicode-aware. As such, characters not in the platform's native 8-bit character set (that's Mac Roman in Mac OS and Windows Latin in Windows) may show up in the document as question mark.

QuarkXPress 7.x.

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