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Widget Manager Widget Manager 1.3.1
With Widget Manager you can enable and disable any of your widgets, so they don’t clutter up the widget bar on Dashboard.
More Widgets More Widgets 1.2.1
More Widgets is a widget that shows the most recenty added widgets from the Apple dashboard site.
Widgets Widgets 1.0.12
Form chains of widgets to score points while avoiding Dings.
Perfect Widgets Perfect Widgets 2.0
Powerful HTML5 (JavaScript) gauges for online data visualization
Widget Maker X Widget Maker X 1.2.4
Create / Modify your 10.
DashOpener DashOpener 1.2
DashOpener Widget is an alternative to using Dashboard's own Widget Bar to access your widgets.
Amnesty Widget Browser Amnesty Widget Browser 1.3
Amnesty Widget Browser is a utility that allows Dashboard widgets to live directly on your Desktop via a convenient icon in your system menu bar.
ImageryMedia Widget Deleter ImageryMedia Widget Deleter 1.5
Gone a little widget crazy? Download lots of widget you’ll never use again? Here comes the ImageryMedia widgetDeleter to save the day.
Widget Master Widget Master 1.4
Widget Master offers you Dashboard & Konfabulator widget management.
The Ultimate Travel Widget The Ultimate Travel Widget 1.5
Travel Widgets presents the "Ultimate Travel Widget".

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