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WebsiteStatus is perfect for anyone that has a website.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1024K
Developer: Harold C Gumbert, III
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Updated: 26 Sep 2006
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WebsiteStatus is perfect for anyone that has a website. It monitors a list of websites every ten minutes, by default, to let you know when your website goes down. If one or more websites are down, it will notify you in the dock, in the log file, by beeping, or via email.

Installation is simple since WebsiteStatus is a simple application. Just copy WebsiteStatus to your hard drive and double click it.

Using WebsiteStatus is just as easy! Enter your list of websites that you need to monitor and set the refresh interval to your liking. Below you can see how it check our site and two invalid sites. Notice how the dock icon shows the number of sites that are down. In addition, you can have WebsiteStatus beep or send you an email. It also records any site downtime in the log file. If you expand the window, you can see the number of bytes transferred, number of seconds to transfer, the bytes/second, the last checked date and time, and the html. Double clicking on the row will display part of the downloaded html.

Here are some key features of "WebsiteStatus":
Receive Emails
Every time there is a problem or a status change you can receive an email. As an alternative, you can limit your emails to status changes.
Monitors Site Downtime
Every ten minutes, or as often as you'd like, WebsiteStatus will check to see if any of the sites in your list are down.
Status in the Dock
The dock icon and log file are updated
Log File
The log file is great for keeping track of when your site goes down and for how long.
Runs in the Background
Try adding WebsiteStatus to your startup items and set it to hide. The only visible item will be the dock icon!

The unregistered version is exactly the same as the full version except that it will count down from ten everytime it is launched and after every ten refreshes.

What's New:
Added ability to enter 'Tag to Find'. Previously, certain tags were hard coded in the program.
Now specific text can be used to determine if a site is up. By default body is used.

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