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WebLinkPro is a tool that helps webmasters create and manage links pages.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Artistict Techworks
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Updated: 11 Sep 2006
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WebLinkPro is a tool that helps webmasters create and manage links pages.

WebLinkPro provides many time-saving features, such as automatic link exchange verification, template-based e-mail communication, automatic HTML code generation and much more.

Here are some key features of "WebLinkPro":
Automatic Verification X4.
WebLinkPro automatically verifies your link exchanges, in both directions. First, it verifies that your links are not broken. Then it makes sure that your partners still link to your site. What's more, WebLinkPro verifies four links at a time, which greatly accelerates the verification process.

E-mail Templates.
WebLinkPro lets you create e-mail templates with placeholders that are automatically replaced with your links' information when you send an e-mail. E-mail templates both simplify and standardize communications with your partners.

HTML Export.
WebLinkPro can automatically generate links pages. You can customize the HTML code so that it matches your web site's design. HTML code can also be generated directly in the clipboard so that you can easily bring it into your HTML editor.

WebLinkPro features fully-customizable notifications that appear when you need to take action. For instance, WebLinkPro can notify you if a link is broken or if a partner does not reply to your e-mail after a certain amount of time. Notifications make it a lot easier to manage a large number of link exchanges.

Search Tool.
WebLinkPro makes it easy to find links within your sites. Its fully-featured search tool lets you find any links that match a set of conditions. Defining conditions is quick and easy, thanks to the search tool's intuitive user interface.

Spreadsheet Export.
WebLinkPro can export your link data to a spreadsheet which can then be opened in a spreadsheet editor or imported in a database. You can also easily copy link data to the clipboard and paste it in a spreadsheet editor.

WebLinkPro shows you statistics about your link exchanges, such as the distribution of the latest verification results or the distribution of your links' current statuses. You can also export your link data to a spreadsheet for further statistical analysis.

Registering allows you to create more than two categories and five links per database.

What's New:
A collapsible preview pane shows the selected link's information and gives quick access to common commands.
Improves the resizing behavior of the vertical splitter control.
Fixes a bug that prevented some e-mail clients from properly interpreting Return characters in template-based e-mails.
Fixes a bug that prevented some reciprocal links from being found on partner sites.

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