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WeatherDock displays weather information based on xml-feeds supplied by weather.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3805K
Developer: Alwin Troost
Price: $0.00
Updated: 10 Aug 2006
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WeatherDock displays weather information based on xml-feeds supplied by

WeatherDock displays textual weather information as well as icon-based.

Next to the current conditions it contains 10 day forecasts with 2 day-part's weather information.For the current conditions it displays the current temperature and feels like temperature and the current sky conditions.

It displays the current pressure, wind speed, wind direction, the humidity, Dew point, visibility and UV-index.The forecasts for today and the upcoming nine days, contains per day-part information on the temperature, condition, wind speed and direction, the humidity and the chance of precipitation, as well as sunrise and sunset information for that particular day.

Here are some key features of "WeatherDock":
Weather in a window
The main window shows all sorts of information. It displays the current condition as a big icon and contains all sorts of detailed information.WeatherDock shows 5 or 10 icons containing forecasts for the upcoming 5 or 10 days.
Weather in the dock
WeatherDock updates it's application icon with an icon representing the current weather conditions. You can customize this icon by adding 'badges' to them representing all sorts of weather information.
Weather on the desktop
Next to the Dock icon, you optionally can add this icon to your desktop, this icon will then allways be visible on top of your other applications on a location you desire, but will hide itself when it could get in the way.
Weather in the menu bar
WeatherDock can add a menu item to you menu bar. This item contains direct information on the current conditions, but when selecting it you have instant access to more detailed information as well as forecast information.

What's New:
Fixed performance problems on the main window (most noticable on Panther)
Fixed initial preferences regarding menu item contents
Fixed icon editing on Intel macs

French localization thanks to Corentin Cras-M?neur & Josy Rochaud
Italian localization thanks to Pierino Donati.

WeatherDock is a Mac OS X Native application written in Cocoa / Objective-C. It requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.3.0 (Panther) to function. It has been testen against the current developer versions of Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and runs correctly. WeatherDock requires an Internet connection to retrieve its weather information, this requires approximately a 10KB download every 30 minutes.

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