WBC iTunes Suite for Salling Clicker 1.4 review

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iTunes WBC Suite for Salling Clicker is a replacement for the Salling Clicker's default iTunes set.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3032K
Developer: Wooden Brain Concepts
Price: $0.00
Updated: 25 Jul 2006
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iTunes WBC Suite for Salling Clicker is a replacement for the Salling Clicker's default iTunes set.
It was designed with large libraries in mind for much faster searching, and incorporates a number of additional improvements and features.

Here are some key features of "WBC iTunes Suite for Salling Clicker":
Find and Play Anything: Find and Play by fast Artist, Album, Composer, Song Name, or Any (keyword) searches in either the library or the current playlist.
Clicker Playlist Live Queue: Dedicated menu for the Clicker Playlist, allowing you to add via search, add current track, add random track(s), play from beginning or at random, set shuffle and repeat, and more.
Play random track or album in library or current playlist.
Switch Albums: Play the next or previous album from track 1
Announce: Speak current track info in selectable formats.
Fade Volume: Fade volume to selectable levels
Set Volume: fixed default volume settings throughout, which caused conflicts on some systems that made adjusting the iTunes volume change the system volume erroneously.
Rate This: Rate current track or entire album by choice
Smart artwork searching. If there is no artwork for a track, it looks for images also in the album folders and in the cache folders of popular fetch art sorts of applications.
Artwork searching via Amazon for display
Ability to add artwork to album.

What's New:
[Added] iTunes WBC Suite redesign for Salling Clicker 3.0
[Added] Integration with iTunes Sleep (when installed) for Salling Clicker
[Changed] iTunes Meets Geek Tool. Minor changes to work better with 'unofficial' Tiger version of GeekTool.
[Fixed] Big Cat & Sort Organized & Add. (Add to this month created 010 for October instead of 10. )
[Added] Search & Go results show bit rates for first found track in album in selection list.
[Improved] Make iPod Catalog with Links. Can now make a catalog for a selected playlist in addition to all iPod playlists (default).
[Improved] Clean ID3 Tags script. (moved old versions to legacy scripts)
[Improved] Combined playlist or selection script into single auto-detect script
[Added] State abbreviations (Clean ID3 Tags)
[Fixed] Capitalization after ( or [ or " (Clean ID3 Tags)
[Added] Say it quietly for announcement.

Salling Clicker 2.2.1 or 3.0 (for WBC iTunes Suite)
iTunes 4.5 or higher.

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