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WakeOnLan provides a simple interface to wake up other computers.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 850K
Developer: Dirk Lembens
Price: $0.00
Updated: 14 Jun 2006
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WakeOnLan provides a simple interface to wake up other computers.

I made this little App because I often find myself in the situation where I want to access data on other computers, only to find that they are sleepin.
Using WakeOnLan, I can wake them up with my mouse, instead of with my feet...

NOTE: You can wake up any computer (Mac, PC) supporting remote wake up, but remote put asleep works for Macs only.

According to Apple, the following Macs can be woken up:

All Macintosh computers produced in 2003
Power Mac G5
Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) or later
Power Mac G4 Cube (all models)
PowerBook (FireWire) or later
iBook (all models)
iMac (Early 2001) or later

WakeOnLan uses the 'magic packet' method supported by most network cards, including Apple's. To wake up a computer, you need to know it's 'mac address', which is a 6 byte address looking like '00:0a:95:d5:73:92'. This mac address is fixed for every single interface and can't be changed (ok, some strange Ethernet cards can). Don't worry about it, WakeOnLan discovers and remembers all mac addresses for you. (If you still want to find find them by yourself, open 'System Preferences', select 'Network', then 'Ethernet')

WakeOnLan uses remote 'Remote Apple Events' (AppleScript) to put a Mac asleep.

What's New:
completely rewritten several modules
cleaned up interface
Universal binary.

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