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VPN Tracker makes setting up secure Network connections quite easy with Mac OS X 10.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: equinux, Inc.
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Updated: 06 Oct 2006
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VPN Tracker makes setting up secure Network connections quite easy with Mac OS X 10.2.Using the IPsec protocol which is standard on many other platforms (e.g. with FreeS/WAN on Linux) transferring data, chatting and any other network traffic will get encrypted with industry-standard algorithms.

More than 200 devices supported
VPN Tracker has been tested with numerous IPsec-compatible devices. Simple step-by-step how-to guides ensure that even users new to VPN applications are able to set up encrypted connections. The software provides seamless compatibility to most market leading VPN vendors and to over 200 gateway devices.

Connect reliably from behind NAT routers
NAT Traversal allows users to establish VPN connections from behind NAT gateways in a more reliable fashion. NAT gateways are common in hotels, Internet Caf?s and at most companies and sometimes posed a problem for IPsec connections in the past. Using NAT Traversal, IPsec packets are encapsulated and sent through the NAT gateway just as any other internet traffic.

One password for VPN and all your services
VPN Tracker 3 supports XAUTH (extended authentication) to authenticate against a central password server, thus delivering a single sign-on solution. This presents an ideal solution for larger VPN scenarios and makes VPN Tracker even more compatible to different VPN gateways. When desired, XAUTH dialog can be dismissed.

SecurID your VPN
In combination with XAUTH, VPN Tracker 3 now supports SecurID, a two-factor authentification that is based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (a small device, called a token). The token generates a one-time password that grants access to the VPN in combination with your password. Two factor authentication systems are available from a wide range of vendors, like RSA (SecurID solutions), ActivCard, Kobil and others.

Access your company's DNS on the road
With Remote DNS you will be able to use nameservers in the remote network. This will allow you to access remote servers by name instead of IP address. You will have the choice of using the nameserver for all DNS queries or for specific subnets only.

30 days demo.
All connections will terminate in 3 minutes

What's New:
New: Support for the Netgear FVS124G VPN router
Full support for Watchguard’s latest Firebox X firmware revision (Fireware 8.x)
Compatibility with Cisco Pix devices has been improved
Support for extended XAUTH communication with Cisco devices
VPN Tracker can now deal with stars (*) in pathnames.

An active Internet connection.

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