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Volocity is the realization of Improvision's objective to provide the scientist with an interactive volume visualization system that will run on a standard desktop computer.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 21074K
Developer: Improvision
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Updated: 16 Jun 2006
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Volocity is the realization of Improvision's objective to provide the scientist with an interactive volume visualization system that will run on a standard desktop computer.

Volume interactivity is the key to providing the user with an enhanced perception of depth and realism. Interactivity also allows the scientist to rapidly explore and understand large volumes of data.

The highly advanced technology developed exclusively by Improvision for rapid, interactive volume visualization of 3D and 4D volumes has received several awards for innovation and is the subject of worldwide patent applications.

Volocity is the first true color 4D rendering system designed for biomedical imaging. It uses new highly advanced algorithims to provide high-speed, easy to use, interactive rendering of time resolved color 3D volumes.

Volocity allows the user to visualize a 3D object and then observe and interact with it over time, for the first time providing scientists with a system to dynamically visualize both the structure and the purpose of biological structures.

New - high speed image aquisition of 3D sequences
Fast and highly interactive volume exploration in 3D and 4D.
Intuitively easy to use for increased productivity.
Export and publication of 3D images and data in standard file formats.
Object classification, measurement and tracking in all dimensions.
High quality restoration of confocal and wide field microscope images.
Modular software for ease of use and future upgrades.

What's New:
“Clear All Points” in “Video” menu is now available from both Live Preview and XY Stage views (TT8889)
Added recording of light path description in experiment log (TT8986, IS13270)
Added support for controlling the transmitted light voltage on the AxioVert 200M (TT8856)
Added support for Ludl MAC2 (TT8880)
Added support for Ludl Piezo Z insert – this device must be configured with ID “Z” (6) (TT8960)
Added support for Nikon TIRF shutter system (TT8193)
Added support for Openlab 5 LIFF format (TT8946)
Added support for Yokogawa CSU22 head (TT8878)
Added support for Zeiss AxioPhot 2 head (TT8934)
Added support for Zeiss MCU28 X-Y stage (TT8879)
Default iteration limit for Restoration is now 25 instead of 1 (TT9069)
Experiment Log view is now always available (TT8068)
Fixed crash during acquisition if changing light path causes control list to change (TT9040)
Fixed crash if the focus drive used by live restoration is unexpectedly removed (TT8832)
Fixed problem where adopted images sometimes cannot be exported (TT8896, IS12449)
Fixed problem where calibration information was not being read from STK files (TT8953)
Fixed problem where centroid calculations could be off by 0.5 pixels for simple rectangular objects (TT8808)
Fixed problem where focus drive and XY position displays would not display a “,” for the decimal point on European systems (TT9006, TT9007)
Fixed problem where importing some LSM files could cause error 1006 (TT8802, IS11916)
Fixed problem where Ludl MAC5 could sometimes fail to initialise (TT9014, IS13219)
Fixed problem where mean velocity for tracks was erroneously including initial zero value (TT8939, IS12913)
Fixed problem where older acquisition protocols could fail to restore (TT8897, IS12614)
Fixed problem where PE files with zero calibrations could cause an internal error (TT8964)
Fixed problem where progress on remove noise of many small images would never complete (TT8831)
Fixed problem where summary information for a measurements session that included tracks would merge track and object velocities (TT8955)
Fixed problem where TL shutter on DMI6B would not close properly (TT8999, IS13209)
Fixed problem where Zeiss AxioImager sideport names could be incorrect (TT8943, IS12982)
Fixed problem with AxioImager where selecting PH mode would actually select DIC (TT8801)
Fixed problem with movie sequencer where some combinations of brightness tasks could cause unexpected results (TT8938, IS12882)
Fixed problem with movie sequencer where some combinations of rotates could cause the object to flip between rotations unexpectedly (TT8819, IS12153)
Improved colocalization automatic threshold calculation (TT8950, IS12039)
In acquisition, Z focus drive now returns to its initial position before auto-focussing if two Z drives are being used (TT9031, IS13455)
Reduced logging of device attach/detach events – they could overwhelm the session log and slow the system to a crawl (TT9059)
Mac:  Fixed problem where focus drive “set top” and “set bottom” dialogs would not accept non-integer values (TT8846)
Mac:  Fixed problem where turning channels on or off in the 3D view could eventually cause a crash (TT8836, TT8852, IS12388)
Mac:  Fixed problem with binning control that could cause it to change two levels rather than one (TT8803)
Mac:  Fixed problem with color picker in light path setup dialog (TT8834, IS12191)
Mac:  Fixed problems with libraries being served from AFP file servers (TT8963, IS12944)
Windows:  Fixed auto-scroll for drag-and-drop in project and gallery views (TT8811)
Windows:  Fixed circle ROI tool on x64 (TT8989, IS13294)
Windows:  Fixed problem where adjusting brightness slider on slice view could cause a crash (TT8830, IS12286)
Windows:  Fixed problem where docked palettes could not be resized unless application window was resized first (TT8810)
Windows:  Fixed problem where Nikon 90i digital head on 80i stand would not work properly (TT8821, IS11971)
Windows:  Fixed problem where rainbow LUTs did not work properly on x64 (TT8823, IS12203)
Windows:  Fixed problem where scrollbars could disappear from library view (TT8884)
Windows:  Fixed problem where tool tips on navigation palette would move around unexpectedly (TT8882)
Windows:  Fixed problem where using large numbers of Classifiers would cause strange behaviour (e.g. disappearing icons) (TT9037)
Windows:  Fixed problem where video view menus would be left in the menu bar after the video view is closed (TT9045)
Windows:  Fixed problem with incorrect selections in project view (TT8807)
Windows:  Improved handling of errors from Acquisition Hub (TT9065, IS13317)
Windows: Fixed problem where reslicing to a folder on x64 could cause a crash (TT8949)
Windows: Session log is now printable (TT8932).

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