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Validator is a drag-and-drop XML validator for Mac OS X and Windows.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1808K
Developer: Robert Crews
Price: $0.00
Updated: 22 Feb 2006
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Validator is a drag-and-drop XML validator for Mac OS X and Windows. Drag an XML file onto the Validator icon. If the file has a document type declaration, Validator reports the file as valid, not valid, or not well-formed. If the file does not have a doctype, Validator reports the file as well-formed or not well-formed.

You can drop multiple files and folders on the icon. For directories, Validator recurses through subfolders of the dropped folders looking for files to validate. Validator validates any file dropped directly on the icon, but while scanning directories, Validator validates only files with the following extensions: fo, htm, html, plist, rss, wml, xml, xsd, xsl, and xslt.

Much has been made of standards compliance in modern Web browsers. Less is made of the responsibity Web authors have to deliver correct mark-up for these programs, though only valid mark-up is eligible for standards-compliant processing.

Typical validation tools tediously operate on one file at a time, often through a Web or editor interface. Validator easily checks one file or a thousand. It efficiently assures all your XML is ready for your workflow.

Here are some key features of "Validator":
Drag-and-drop interface.
Terse, text-based validation report.
Validates common XML files without need for an Internet connection.
Native support for DocBook, DITA, TEI, SMIL, MathML, SVG, WAP/WML, and more.
Provides several XHTML correctness checks beyond simple validation.
Optional command-line interface.
Automatically skips non-XML files.
Simple "delete it and it's gone" uninstall.
Drag-and-drop installation on Mac OS X.

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