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Area codes do change sometimes.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Allen Watson
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Updated: 29 Mar 2006
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Area codes do change sometimes. This script will walk through your Entourage Address Book, finding all the phone numbers whose area code is "123", changing them to "456" (you specify the numbers, of course).

It looks at each type of phone number in turn--home phone, business phone, fax phone, and so on. When it finds a match on the old area code, it (optionally) displays the name or company it has found with the old and new numbers, and lets you choose whether or not to apply the proposed change.

The script first does a fast but "fuzzy" match, finding all contacts whose telephone number contains the area code. That means that searching for "212" would match a phone number like "914-555-1212" as well as "212-555-3456". It briefly reports the number of _possible_ matches; this process greatly reduces the number of contacts that must be searched (especially it eliminates all those with nothing in the phone number fields).

Then, it does a careful examination of the number for each contact in that limited list, allowing for parentheses, dashes, and leading 0's and 1's, and it offers to change only those that actually include those digits as an area code. It preserves such additional characters in making the change.

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