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pbsw-Undo pbsw-Undo 0.9
pbsw-Undo is a REALbasic framework for assisting with the implementation of multiple undo/redo.
Undo Delete Undo Delete 2006
Recover all Important Data Deleted Accidentally or Lost Due to System Crash.
FileRenamer FileRenamer 0.98
FileRenamer is used to change file names of items contained within a selected folder.
MultiDo MultiDo 2.0.0
MultiDo is a free plug-in that allows you to perform multiple undo or redo operations in one step using new "Undo Multiple" and "Redo Multiple" menu options.
Undo Restart/Shutdown Undo Restart/Shutdown 1.0
When Undo Restart/Shutdown is placed in the Shutdown Items folder, it will present a dialog which offers the opportunity to abort a shutdown or restart command.
Undo Toolkit Undo Toolkit 1.3.1
Undo Toolkit allows you to easily add unlimited undo and redo to your REALbasic project.
Kakuro Kakuro 1.0
Free Kakuro game for Windows. 3 levels of difficulty plus pencil marks and undo
EasyHistory EasyHistory 2.0.1
Introducing the history panel for InDesign - view all of the available undo and redo steps in one convenient palette.
Americalculator Americalculator FREE 9.0.2
Calculator with tape, rule of three, interest rate, financial calculations, etc.
SCIROCCO ADO Data Control SCIROCCO ADO Data Control 1.0
Navigate, Add, Delete, Edit, Search, Undo and Save changes to ADO recordsets!

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