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There are many out there, right? Maintenance applications.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Jaan Patterson
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Updated: 04 Sep 2006
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There are many out there, right? Maintenance applications... I even created one or two of "these"... then i thought why the heck, always either type the same stuff over and over in the terminal which is great sophisticated and so, or i launch one of "these" "maintain" apps (maybe even one of mine?...; )) and choose, and choose, - or open windows, panels, tabs, select and choose and so on...

But what most we all need? This great OS has it all, almost nearly in the best self maintenance manner it takes care of it self (thanks Apple!) but sometimes the user needs to kick in...

Basic maintenance and back to work or off to bed ; )
mostly repairing permissions, after installations...
executing cron scripts (even with Tiger we still execute them...)
delete logfiles, jsut get rid of them sometimes, why not?
delete DS.files, the bother, sometimes?
delete temp files,
purge trashes,
Internet traces, like cookies, history and more
dis/enable things like the dashboard and it's Widgets,
We wish the machine would be automatically restarted after executing, or rather shutdown?

All this and much more, ultimateTask offers in a convenient small compact quick and safe to use all in one utility! Just about like the first class service Mac OS X?„? style.

-Daily, weekly, monthly cron scripts.
- Repair disk permissions.
- Clean logiles (User, crash & system logs).
- Temp files (tmp).
- Core files.
- Recent servers.
- Trashes (/.trashes, ~/trash, /trash).
- Additionally chosen from ultimateTask preferences: DS.store files.
- Most common internet browsers (cookies, caches, history) Safari icons, forms, searches can be cleaned by choosing these options from the ultimateTask menu.
- User cache.
- System cache.

All these and many tasks more, like disabling the Dashboard and it's Widgets are available from the ultimateTask menu, learn the keyboard shortcuts to quickly enter important commands.

What's New:
Added option to override "Done" dialogs (quiet mode).

Administrator's Name and Password (ultimateTask can be used from standard accounts!)

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