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Random Factor Mahjong Random Factor Mahjong 2.0.8
Random Factor Mahjong is a new and very different Mahjong game.
Wind Chiller Wind Chiller 1.0.1
Wind Chiller is an AppleScript that enables you to calculate the wind chill factor.
Factormania! Factormania! 2.0
Factormania! is an AppleScript Studio application that performs some basic mathematical factoring methods on numbers and equations.
Factor-X Factor-X 1.0
Fact0r-X is an encryption/decryption tool designed for Linux and Mac OS X.
Electrical Calculations Electrical Calculations
Electrical calculations for busbars, cables, power factor corection, motor ctrl
Factor Factor 1.0
See what Factoring can do for your company !
Houston Traffic Map Houston Traffic Map 1.4
Houston Traffic Map Widget displays Houston Transtar’s live traffic maps in a compact form factor.
SYTADIN, Paris Traffic Map SYTADIN, Paris Traffic Map 1.0
SYTADIN, Paris Traffic Map displays live traffic maps from Paris (France) in a compact form factor.
Avara Avara 1.0.2
Avara is a fast and furious 3D networkable game with modest hardware requirements, and high a high adrenaline factor.
Monte Carlo PCA Monte Carlo PCA 2.0.3
Monte Carlo PCA computes parallel analysis criteria (eigenvalues) for deteremining number of factors to retain for rotation in factor analysis.

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