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Tri-BACKUP is dedicated to the automatic backup of data as well as entire disks.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Tri-Edre
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Updated: 17 Jan 2006
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Tri-BACKUP is dedicated to the automatic backup of data as well as entire disks. Just create the programmed actions you desire, and let Tri-BACKUP do the work.

Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility that adds new edit dialog, volumes auto-mount, improved compression (faster, smaller), new compress/uncompress features and a new users manual.

Tri-BACKUP offers an easy way to do quickly any copy, backup or synchronization operation. Just choose one of the Immediate Actions, drag and drop the desired folder or disk and run the action. Out of the copy or synchronization, you can compress an entire folder or delete its content. Immediate Actions allows an exact control of which files and folder you want to copy or modify.

Programmed Actions can make repetitive and automatic operations. You can create as many actions you need, and they will be executed when you have decided, in a time scheduling as well as in case of events (for example, running a backup when you insert the destination disk).
You can program different type of backup (complete, partial, incremental, etc.) and synchronizations, and also the background compression of folders as well as the automatic emptying of Cache or Temporary folders. You can also schedule alerts or the launching of scripts or applications at the desired time.

Here are some key features of "TriBACKUP":
Immediate Modes: backup, restoration, synchronization, compression, etc.
Programmed Actions, to automatically run backup, synchronization, compression, etc.
Multiple backup modes: mirror (exact copy), evolutive (exact copy that keeps versions N-1, N-2 dof each modified file), incremental, archiving, etc.
Only copy needed files: unchanged files already in the backup are not copied.
Function to compare two folders, displaying all differences.
File Protection, with encryption and password.

30 days trial.
10 seconds startup delay.

What's New:
new interface
stack list for the programmed action waiting to be executed.
a new mode for programmed actions: archiving (copy and delete).
new filters in programmed actions.
new links for programmed actions: launching scripts before or after an action, alerts, beeps, etc.
scheduling of alerts or scripts launching.
new filters in immediate actions.
new features to partition a folder or regroup multiple folders in a single folder.
new feature to modify files and folders caracteristics, as visibility or owner.
can copy big files (more than 2 GB).

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