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Transcend can best be described as retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 569K
Developer: Jason Rohrer
Price: $0.00
Updated: 02 Sep 2005
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Transcend can best be described as retro-style, abstract, 2D shooter. The graphics are geometrical, and the pace is sometimes frenzied.

Two features set Transcend apart from other games. First, its dynamic graphical engine, which can smoothly morph from one complex shape to another, produces striking displays.

Combining these dynamic shapes with subtle randomizations makes each play through a Transcend level visually different from the last. The second novel feature is Transcend's musical power-up system.

As you play through a level, you are simultaneously assembling an abstract visual collage and arranging a unique piece of music. Transcend merges video games with pure art---it can be viewed either as a game or as a multimedia sculpture.

Though I first read it after developing Transcend, the Scratchware Manifesto captures the spirit that motivated me to develop a game.

What's New:
Fixed bugs that caused post-explosion fade factors to become negative, which in turn caused boss explosions to linger on some platforms.
Fixed zoom behavior when strafing.
Added fade-in when enemies are created to avoid a visual pop-in.
Added smooth turning when enemies switch targets.
Changed so that pieces can be picked up while they are moving as a result of enemy fire. This makes pick up less confusing and frustrating.
Made bullet fade-out smoothly at end of range to avoid visual pop.
Doubled piece pick-up radius to make picking up pieces easier.
Fixed jerky piece pick-up and drop.
Added mini-explosion graphics to indicate when damage is being done to boss.
These graphics also change color to indicate the boss' health.

3D card that can render OpenGL
400 MHz or faster processor.

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