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ToDo X is a native Cocoa application for Mac which provides simple to-do lists with a clean, lightweight interface.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 564K
Developer: Omicron Software Systems, Inc.
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Updated: 08 Mar 2006
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ToDo X is a native Cocoa application for Mac which provides simple to-do lists with a clean, lightweight interface.

It features color-coded priorities, unlimited attached notes and To-do items can be linked to multiple lists (categories).

Here are some key features of "ToDo X":
Drag & drop to copy, link or move items among lists.
Display, search or print items from selected lists.
Instant access to your lists from dock or status menu.
Import data from iCal or classic ToDo! desk accessory.

Time limited Trial.

What's New:
The Categories table is no longer sorted automatically, and can be rearranged by dragging. For those who prefer the old behavior a “sort category names” option has been added to the Preferences panel.
The dock and status menus now offer a Hybrid menu style, which is a cross between the Simple and Prioritized styles.
To-do items in the dock and status menus can be ordered by priority, name, creation date or modification date. The main window is always ordered by priority, and there are no plans to change this.
The status menu now provides tooltips where appropriate. The dock menu does not support this capability.
You may know that holding down the option key while selecting a to-do item from the dock or status menu will launch any links contained in the selected item’s name or notes. This now works for categories as well (where feasible).
If the option key is down, any technique that normally opens a category or to-do item for editing now launches its links instead.
For convenience, the option key no longer alters the behavior of the arrow, home and end keys in navigating the main window.
Like the home and end keys, control-uparrow and control-downarrow jump to the top and bottom of the current list.
The Edit menu now offers text completion, where supported, with a keyboard shortcut of option-escape.
It is now possible, though inconvenient, to use character palettes for entering search strings. Command-G will be helpful if you are trying to enter a multi-character search string in this way.
In Mac OS X 10.4 and later, the font selection panel will refrain from displaying properties that we don’t support, such as colors and shadows.
The registration reminder item will be removed automatically following successful registration, provided that it has not been modified.
Support has been added for Unsanity’s Smart Crash Reports.
You can now print specific categories or to-do items using the context menu of the Categories or Things To Do list.
Print operations now show a progress panel, if running in Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
A bug that prevented editing of custom paper size names in Page Setup has been fixed.
A print-scaling bug in Tiger has been fixed as of Mac OS X 10.4.3, allowing headers and footers again to be printed regardless of scaling factor.
This release includes an untested native Intel binary, for experimental purposes only. The app is marked to launch under Rosetta by default.
ToDo X now requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

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