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Title Free Title Free 1.3.2
Title Free is a little INIT associated to a Contextual Menu to show and hide file names under any icon in the finder.
Effects for Title Effects for Title 1.0
Effects for Title is a collection of iMovie plugin effects for customizing the appearance of existing title clips.
Navi iRae Navi iRae 1.8.2
Navi iRae is a control panel that provides menus, when you command-click in a window's title region, that lets you navigate through the path of the file, just like in the Finder.
Album Cover Finder Album Cover Finder 6.0.5
A fun and easy way to search for album artwork and track listings.
A Better Finder Info A Better Finder Info 1.1.1
A Better Finder Info is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which supplements the Finder's "Get Info.
Finder Flags Finder Flags 2.0
Finder Flags is a CodeWarrior plugin which allows you to set the Finder flags of the build output.
Actual Title Buttons Actual Title Buttons 8.14
Teach your windows new tricks to keep them well-ordered on your desktop.
Movie Title Maker Movie Title Maker 2.0
Add graphics, title, audio, and over 60 effects to your quicktime movies.
CS Finder Module CS Finder Module 1.0.2
CS Finder is a module designed for use with Ambrosia Software's utility, ColorSwitch Pro.
Finder Master Finder Master 1.0
Finder Master is an AppleScript application to quit and relaunch the Finder which was written in response to a buggy and poorly designed 1 MB program which does the same thing.

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