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Time Palette enables you to accurately determine the local time in a distant city.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4303K
Developer: Xeric Design, Ltd.
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Updated: 27 Sep 2006
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Time Palette enables you to accurately determine the local time in a distant city. While lots of applications claim to do this, many fail during Daylight Saving Time. This causes them to be wrong for six months of the year.

Daylight Saving Time is a legislative concept, not a geographic one. Thus Time Palette uses an atlas with accurate time zone information for 10, cities worldwide.

Time Palette supports many different rules for localized Daylight Saving Time as well as non-hour based time zones.
Most every city you are likely to be interested in is included in the atlas, however it is easy to add others.

Alarms: Twelve independent alarms can be set for any time zone. These can be used to remind you when the markets close in Hong Kong, or when business opens in Sydney or Dubai.

Schedules: Conference calls which span the world can be placed at the right time to be convenient for all, whether in New York or Tokyo.

Almanac: Complete details on sunrise/set and moonrise/set are displayed for any city and date along with the phase of the moon, hours of daylight and lighting conditions.

Map: Is it light or dark in Argentina? High resolution, real-time maps show the world in exquisite detail. Areas of twilight and night are shown with accurate city lighting and moonlight.

Distance: Calculating your frequent flier miles/kilometers has never been easier. The Distance panel handles multiple and open-jaw trips, helping you to maximize your air itineraries.

Weather: Time Palette brings you weather information from NOAA. Updated frequently throughout the day, reports give you access to current weather conditions arou

Here are some key features of "Time Palette":
Full native support for Mac OS X and 9.1+.
Favorites feature for frequently used cities.
Stunning maps with moonlight and city lights.
Supports all Daylight Saving Time systems.
Twilight graphs depict daily solar conditions.
Includes 12 alarms and displays local time.
Scheduler supports six independent time zones.
Monthly sun & moon rise/set tables.
Sidereal Time for astronomy applications.
Distance panel allows for multi-segment trips.
Real-time weather conditions via Internet.

What's New:
Revised Atlas Database.
Improved performance under certain conditions.

CarbonLib 1.3.1 or later for classic version.

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