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Threshold is a utility that allows you to alter the PowerBook's low battery alerts.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 128K
Developer: Jeremy Kezer
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Updated: 07 Dec 2005
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Threshold is a utility that allows you to alter the PowerBook's low battery alerts.

While it is more useful if you are using an external battery like a Technoggin PowerPlate or the VST ThinPack, it also works great with internal batteries.

When the voltage of your battery begins to get low, your PowerBook will begin to issue warning messages to you, prompting you to plug in your AC adapter. While this feature is important, the messages that it presents are sometimes conservative. Often, you have 15 or 20 minutes of useful time left. Unfortunately, when the first warning comes up, the PowerBook automatically reduces the screen backlighting to conserve power, which can be annoying.

This feature becomes a problem when you are using an external battery. Because the PowerBook cannot recognize the larger capacity of an external battery, it will issue the warnings much earlier than they need to be presented. Sometimes the first warning will appear when you still have hours of battery life left!

This is where Threshold comes in. Threshold allows you to manually control the threshold voltages for these warning messages, so that they come up when you want them to.

NOTE: Threshold is compatible with the PowerBook 100, 140, 145, 145B, 160, 165, 165c, 170, 180 and 180c. It will not have any effect on other PowerBook models.

What's New:
Only run on systems known to be capable of supporting Threshold.

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