The Missing Sync for Pocket PC 1.0.4b2 review

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The Missing Sync for Pocket PC provides desktop mounting, iSync (iCal and Address.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: MarkSpace
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Updated: 27 Jan 2006
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The Missing Sync for Pocket PC provides desktop mounting, iSync (iCal and, iTunes and iPhoto support for Pocket PC handhelds. Features include:Shared Internet AccessConnect your Pocket PC handheld to the web through your Mac's Internetconnection.

Browse the web, check email, load AvantGo pages and more!

Install Pocket PC ApplicationsDrag and Drop CAB files (archives that contain Pocket PC applications) toinstall them onto your handheld.iCal ConduitStay organized by synchronizing your calendar and to do/task items.

Here are some key features of "The Missing Sync for Pocket PC":
Synchronize with iCal
Synchronize with Address Book
Install Pocket PC applications
Connect with Bluetooth
Connect with WiFi / Airport
Mount your Pocket PC with Mac OS X
Transfer MP3s from iTunes to your handheld
Import/Export images with iPhoto
Browse the Web and sync AvantGo
Send and receive email from your handheld
Read and edit Microsoft Word and Excel Files.

Your Mac
Mac with built-in USB
Mac OS X 10.2.8 or 10.3.x
Mac OS X Server is not supported
iTunes 2.0.4 - 4.x (Apple free download)
iPhoto 1.1.1 - 4.x
iSync 1.2 or higher
iCal 1.5 or higher
Internet access (dialup, DSL, Cable modem, T1, etc.)
Your Handheld
A Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition handheld running one of the following operating systems:
Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) 2002
Windows Mobile 2003
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
USB cradle or cable.

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