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iMarquee 0.7 iMarquee 0.7 Beta
iChat Status Message Utility which updates your iChat Status Message at specific intervals with any text you like.
Soft-Wrap Text (Entourage) Soft-Wrap Text (Entourage) 1.0
Soft-Wrap Text is an Entourage AppleScript that will soft-wrap the text of any received plain text message to fill the full width of its window.
Encrypt Text in Picture Encrypt Text in Picture 1.2.1
Hide message and text in pictures.
SonarTheater SonarTheater 1.4.1
Remote Control iTunes from ANYWHERE! If you have a text message capable phone, you can now text your Mac and control your Mac entertainment system from your mobile handset.
Hourly Message Action for GoLive Hourly Message Action for GoLive 1.0
Hourly Message Action for GoLive writes a different message onto the page each hour of the day.
SimpleText Filter SimpleText Filter 1.5.3
SimpleText Filter is a plug-in filter for EIMS 2.
Custom Login Message Custom Login Message 1.0
Custom Login Message Jaguar is an Applescript Studio application that can be used to quickly edit the com.
Count Words Count Words 1.0
Count Words is an Entourage script that will count the words in a message or selected text within a message.
Remove HTML E Remove HTML E 2.1
Remove HTML E is an AppleScript that works on an incoming message to translate the HTML coded message into plain text.
Advanced Typewriter Text Effects Software Advanced Typewriter Text Effects Software 4.2
Animated Typewriter Text is an excellent way to display multiple messages.

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