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Applications create often temporary files which they should delete after you quit them.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 375K
Developer: Belle Nuit Montage
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Updated: 19 Nov 2005
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Applications create often temporary files which they should delete after you quit them. Well, some applications don't and your hard disk gets filled up.While you can find the temporary files with Sherlock, you cannot view the Temporary Folder (where they are stored) directly, because it is invisible. With TempFolderViewer, you can view the files, move them to the trash or another folder or delete them directly. I discovered that i had more than thousand files in the temporaryfolder using about 1GB of my harddisk.

Working with TempFileViewer is straightforward. As you open the application, a finder-window shows all files in the TemporaryFolder.
You can select the files and use the following menus:

• Edit:Delete (command-D) Deletes the selected files. Deletion is immediate and cannot be undone!
• Edit:Move to Trash (command-T) Moves the selected files, where you can delete them later.
• Edit:Move to folder... Displays a dialog where you want to move the selected files
and moves them to your selected folder.

If the files where invisible before, they are visible after moving.
For testing purposes, you can also drag files from and to the TemporaryFolder. However, this feature does not work on all kind of files.

Caution: Be aware that temporary files may still be used by other applications. If other applications are open and have temporary files, they either successfully inhibit TempFolderViewer from deleting or they may crash. Also, the system may have some temporary files you may not be able to delete. The best is to use TempFolderViewer when no other application is open.

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