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Multitalented platform ilink TeamCall is the heart of our middleware and the crucial link between telephone and PC.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: ilink Kommunikationsysteme GmbH
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Updated: 21 Jul 2005
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Multitalented platform ilink TeamCall is the heart of our middleware and the crucial link between telephone and PC. The platform monitors the telephone system and forwards incoming calls to the connected client applications. It is ideally suited for heterogeneous company networks.

With TeamCall, PBX system functions become freely available for processing in software applications. Additionally, proven modules are available for other ranges of use. TeamCall supports the majority of currently commercially available integrated components, platforms and interfaces. Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs), libraries, example programs, technical documentation and our comprehensive project experience guarantee the smooth deployment and quick availability of individual computer-telephony functions. Open standards We use the relevant CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) standards. Therefore ilink TeamCall is compatible with any type of implementation, and independent of the existing PBX system. Harmonizing of the existing infrastructure Our middleware provides a common interface, normalizing the behavior of different telephone systems. From the evaluation of PBX information and the event sequence, to complex scenarios, we harmonize conditions for the development of software applications.

Platform independence ilink TeamCall is operational on more system platforms than any other solution: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unixware, Solaris. Secure migration ilink TeamCall also works with interfaces of older applications. We safeguard the backward compatibility to legacy PBX systems. Mac client application - Use your phone directly from Mac OS X Mac OS X does not offer its own telephone dialer to support PBX systems. In order to enable dialing out of an address book, we have developed direct, enhanced with some features for ease of use. direct is a CTI solution for Mac OS X, automating telephone handling. direct uses ilink TeamCall to link Mac and telephone system. Dialing is easier with direct: the caller’s identity is displayed on screen. The computer may react to incoming calls by executing preset activities. Telephone numbers can be found quickly with direct. The adaptive search function recognizes the most commonly used contact data. A mouse click is sufficient for direct to set up the connection. Within the network, direct indicates the status information of all other direct users. Whether a colleague is currently engaged or free to take a call is visible at a glance. Calls can also be taken over – even without configuration of working groups – simply using the Mac OS X Bonjour function. Interfaces ilink TeamCall offers easily usable interfaces and is therefore an ideal basis for CTI-enabled web or desktop applications. * CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) TeamCall supports the CSTA interface. CSTA has been defined as a computer-telephony standard by the organization ECMA. All leading manufacturers of PBX systems are members of that body. * STLI (Simple Telephony Interface) STLI was developed to offer basic CTI functionality in an uncomplicated way. With STLI it is possible to furnish any TCP/IP compliant application with telephony functions. For this, script languages like Perl or Python can be used. * TAPI (Telephony Application Interface) TeamCall supports the standard interface of Microsoft systems and applications. * JTAPI (Java Telephony Application Interface) JTAPI is the telephony interface for all Java applications. Via TeamCall JTAPI support, developers are able to integrate professional telephony functions into their Java software.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Supported PBX system from Siemens or Alcatel.

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