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Crystal Crystal 2.4.9e
Crystal is a semi-modular software synthesizer featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis.
TalkBackToBasics TalkBackToBasics 2.5
TalkBackToBasics is the BackToBasics of speech synthesis technology.
Melodyne Melodyne 2.1
Melodyne combines Celemony's signature musical algorithm technology (Local Sound Synthesis) with superior sound quality and enhanced editing flexibility.
Ojava's Words & Expression memorior (Cow of Wo Ojava's Words & Expression memorior (Cow of Wo 1.4
Using speech synthesis technology “speaks out” the word to help you remember.
Key2Speak Key2Speak 2.1
Utility program that is able to read on the fly what you type on your keyboard.
Ill Logik Ill Logik 2.7
Ill Logik is a jamming interface for realtime groove rearranging, studder editing, granular synthesis, and live processing.
Speech Recognition Plugin Speech Recognition Plugin 1.2
Speech Recognition Plugin is a simple implementation of Speech Recognition & Speech Synthesis for REALbasic.
Csound Csound 4.23f12gbs.8
Csound is a sound and music synthesis system, providing facilities for composition and performance over a wide range of platforms.
Synthimax Synthimax 1.2
Synthimax is an image synthesis program that enables users to produce both static images and Quicktime movies.
Biolabs Absynth Sounds Biolabs Absynth Sounds 1.0
Absynth Sounds is a collection of nearly 400 presets for Absynth which includes a 300 MB specially-created sample library.

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