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Synergy is a tiny Cocoa application for Mac OS X 10.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1523K
Developer: Wincent Colaiuta
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Price: $7.00
Updated: 04 Dec 2006
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Synergy is a tiny Cocoa application for Mac OS X 10.2 (and later) that puts three buttons to control iTunes in your menubar: previous track, next track, and play/pause; as well as providing you with visual feedback about the currently playing tune.

Synergy can even automatically download and display the cover of the currently playing album. The Synergy controls, together with the ability to control iTunes via system-wide hot Key combinations, mean that Synergy provides the fastest way of skipping between songs when using the keyboard or the mouse; all this without having to switch to iTunes, or access its Dock menu. Synergy licenses start at only 5? (Euros).

Synergy won't take up precious space in your Dock as it appears only in the menubar.
It provides you with ultimate control over iTunes even while you're working in other applications. The Synergy global menu provides you with quick access to recently played tracks and playlists, and the floater displays album covers and provides information whenever a new track starts playing.

7 days trial period.

What's New:
[Enhancement] Added some explanatory text to the Audioscrobbler account details sheet indicating what Synergy does and discussing compatibility with other Audioscrobbler tools such as iScrobbler.
[Bugfix] Fixed spelling in Audioscrobbler logging (printed "infomation" instead of "information").
[Notes] Other than the already-noted spelling error, no bugs were found during the beta testing cycle so the 3.1 release is declared stable. A future release will address the feature requests submitted during the beta cycle.
[Bugfix] Before sending data to Audioscrobbler escape legal-but-reserved characters as defined in RFC 2396 (previously only escaped illegal characters).
[Enhancement] Added detail to log messages if the Audioscrobbler servers return a FAILED response.
[Enhancement] If the Audioscrobbler returns a FAILED message in response to a submission, wait until it is time to submit the next track before retrying with the failed track; the previous version tried again after the Audioscrobbler-specified delay (usually one second).
[Note] Beta validity period extended from two weeks to three weeks.

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