SurgeMail Mail Server 3.8b review

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SurgeMail is our next generation Mail Server - Combining features, performance and ease of use into a single integrated package.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 12412K
Developer: NetWin
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Price: $175.00
Updated: 29 Aug 2006
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SurgeMail is our next generation Mail Server - Combining features, performance and ease of use into a single integrated package. Ideal on Windows NT/2K, or UNIX (Linux, Solaris etc). It supports all standard protocols IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SSL, ESMTP. Select a focus link below for more infomation.

Here are some key features of "SurgeMail Mail Server":
RFC compliant support for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP/HTTPS
Multi skin WebMail
Quick and easy installation
Multiple Aliases
Spam folder and spam administration
Auto reply with scripting capabilities
Delete/forward mail if older than/bigger than
Remote self configuration
Complete Scalability
Multiple Domain Support
Unlimited Users
High performance threaded mail engine
Proxy server clustering support
NFS support without locking problems
New Cluster architecture avoids shared drives
Spam Control
Friends System
Friends, challenge-response system
General Control
SmiteSpam anti spam system
Spam marked with special headers
Accurate spam identification
Extended SPF Record support
Advanced Filtering Rules
Customizable rule based spam identification
Database of identified spam for automatic comparison
Statistical word analysis...
Forwarding and archiving
Tarpitting spammers
Spam folders
User configurable filtering & spam measures
Behavior Control
Maximum messages per hour from one IP
Maximum bad messages in a row
Maximum simultaneous connections per IP
Deny send, based on matching 'helo' string
Deny send, based on sender IP
Deny send, based MAIL FROM: envelope
Deny send, based RCPT TO: envelope
Open Relay Database Checking
Blacklist servers, IPs, and domains
Whitelist servers, IPs, and domains
Virus Control
Integrated AVAST virus scanner
Compatible with any command line virus scanner
General Administration
Secure, web based server administration
Secure, web based domain administration
Secure, web based user administration
Full administration via HTTP Web Administrator interface
Encrypted https connection
Command line administration
Bulletins to all users
SWatch self monitoring system
Extensive web based management tools
Reporting / Logging
Performance monitoring
Message Tracking
Easy Troubleshooting
Server Statistics
Message delivery
Volume statistics
Mail mirroring
And more...

What's New:
New: Various new settings and fixes (see latest online version of updates page:
New: g_sms_forward - This setting allows you to specify IP's which can send to an sms="TRUE" gateway without being authenticated. Normally only smtp authenticated senders can use these because we need to be sure the sender really is the person sending, not someone faking their address (in order to decrement the correct users quota). However, if you can already guarantee the sender, or you don't care then you can use this setting. This allows your list server (dlist) to send to SMS numbers, for example.
New: surgewall_auth user="username" pass="password" - Makes SurgeMail use SMTP AUTH when delivering to the SurgeWalled server.
Fix: g_orbs_check_all "true" caused g_orbs_late "true" to fail.
Fix: was not correctly stamping when g_orbs_list was setup to deal with multiple responses. eg g_orbs_list name="" action="stamp" stamp="3=NJABL-DUL~4=NJABL-Spam~NJABL-other".

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