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SuperNotecard uses virtual notecards to help manage writing projects.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2532K
Developer: Mindola Software
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Updated: 06 Oct 2006
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SuperNotecard uses virtual notecards to help manage writing projects. This approach focuses on the basic compositional parts and keeps the structure flexible so that it can be easily rearranged.

SuperNotecard offers several ways to view and organize the notecards and makes it easy to find and revisit them.

Using a simple color-coding system, SuperNotecard enables writers to link content to plots, categories, characters or references and these relationships can be reviewed from several perspectives.

Here are some key features of "SuperNotecard":
An Unbreakable Rubber Band
SuperNotecard performs like a deck of trusty index cards that never wears out and always remembers what goes where. SuperNotecard adds automatic spell checking, practical card flagging, intuitive outlining, several export options and now support for non-arabic characters. No reason to stop there... SuperNotecard has category filtering, element indexing, and a new "flattened" project view.
Tolstoy Never Had it Like This
SuperNotecard helps writers profile characters and sources without clumsy forms. Now writers can add more detail and conveniently link to cards for the flexibility to review the project by character, goal, source page number or any tidbit. Not to worry this is all very elegant and specifically designed to never bog anyone down.
Track Everything
Struggling to keep tabs on hundreds of characters, locations, scenes, dates, or facts? Where is that part about the duck race? SuperNotecard automatically exposes every reference in each card, lists them across the project, and provides search tools to help uncover even the most hidden detail. Use Find and Replace and a single button to magically replace a character's middle name across the project.

What's New:
Version 2.1.52 includes several important repairs including one that fixes the duplicating Reference/Factor folders.

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