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Subscribe Emails Subscribe Emails 2.5997
Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites
Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire 1.0
Subscribe to Current OmniWeb Page in NetNewsWire is a simple script for your script menu.
Advanced Maillist Manager Advanced Maillist Manager 1.0
Processing incoming subscribe/unsubscribe/etc requests.
InBox Mail Manger InBox Mail Manger 2.0
Handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests to your mail lists.
PoddumFeeder PoddumFeeder 1.1
PodCasting (invented by former MTV VJ Adam Curry) is the latest way to download free and timely content from hundreds of websites.
AFU Plugins AFU Plugins 30214-1141
These scripts combine with Auto FollowUp.
PrayerWall PrayerWall 60912-2115
This script is great for churches: put a prayer wall up on your web site.
Photocasting Freedom Photocasting Freedom 1.1
Photocasting Freedom allows for the photocasting of any iPhoto album without .
ircII ircII 20060725
ircII is an IRC and ICB client that runs under most UNIX platforms.
Martian SlingShot Martian SlingShot 2.0.3
Martian SlingShot makes the process of keeping files in sync between two or more Macintoshes as simple as a few clicks.

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