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Studio Artist is the first commercial program for computer artists that incorporates research results from cognitive neuroscience investigations into the nature of visual perception in the brain.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Synthetik Software, Inc
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Updated: 13 Feb 2006
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Studio Artist is the first commercial program for computer artists that incorporates research results from cognitive neuroscience investigations into the nature of visual perception in the brain.

Studio Artist uses human visual modeling to construct an internal representation from a source image that is used to direct smart assisted painting and drawing. The result is Studio Artist knows how to paint and draw. This includes both still images as well as auto-rotoscoped video sequences.

Studio Artist combines dynamic user-configurable painting and drawing tools along with a complete image processing and video effects suite. A unique hybrid imaging model allows individual paint strokes to have the visual richness of raster paint with the editability of vector paths.

Dynamic expressive paint tools or custom art processes can easily be constructed and applied to still images or motion sequences. Users can either paint and draw manually or direct Studio Artist's automatic Intelligent-Assisted painting actions.

The over 3 factory presets shipped with Studio Artist barely scratch the surface of the potential visual looks and tactile feels that can be created within the program. Each Paint Preset consists of over 400 fully editable parameters that can be individually adjusted to control the look and feel of the paint.

These synthesizer parameters can also be interactively modulated while painting. This immense flexibility allows artists to create their own art tools or processes with unique visual appearance based on their own personal tastes.

Here are some key features of "Studio Artist":
Unlimited User Editable Natural to Out-of-this-World Paints
Over 4 incredible paint presets all fully editable
Over 450 editable parameters to control the look and feel of paint
Simulate natural art materials - Create totally new, wild, different, personal interactive paint tools
Intelligent-Assisted Painting and Drawing
Let Studio Artist help you create masterpieces with automatic or assisted drawing and painting or draw manually with expressive paint tools
Auto-Rotoscoping and Video Effects Processing
Automatically re-render video in any paint or drawing style. Create your aesthetic look on one frame and let Studio Artist do the rest automatically- no painting or drawing skills necessary
Resolution Independent Raster Painting with Vector Editing
Design raster images at low-res then re-render at higher resolution with increased detail
A Complete Image Processing and Video Effects Suite
Hundreds of editable image processing effects
Morphing and Real-time Warping
Warp, stretch, mutilate and adjust images in real time using a pressure sensitive pen or mouse or create keyframe animated morphs
Dynamic Kaleidoscope and Symmetry Effects
Use of the Advanced Features of Wacom’s Intuos Graphics Tablets
Unique Interactive Magic Wand Region Selection
Record, Edit and Playback Paint Action and History Sequences
Unlimited Keyframe Paint Animation
Resolution Independent Texture Synthesis and Texture Based Effects
Keyframe animate textures over time - Take any image and generate compelling art in seconds - Generate self-tiling texture patterns
3D Paint Lighting and Texture Effects
Paint or region-tween interpolation automates the work associated with generating animations.

What's New:
MSG Evolver application allows for full editing of MSG presets as well as stand alone generation of unlimited computer art, MSG processed movies or dynamic MSG procedural or keyframed animations
Supersizer Interpolator for intelligent image resizing
Paint Synthesizer greatly expanded, over 450 editable controls to customize the look and feel of interactive paint tools
New dynamic liquid spreading paint effects
New interactive multi-bristle brushs with organic paint loading and color gradient effects
Smart texture patterning for pixel accurate shading and hatching effects
Full support for Wacom 6D ArtPen
Smart auto-regionization algorithms
New and expanded image processing effects with texture synthesizer integration
Over 4 fully editable paint presets and extensive editing capabilities to make your own
Many additional interactive warp options including new kaleidoscopic and symmetry effects
Enhanced support for multi-threading on dual and quad processor computers
Enhanced animation capabilities.

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