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StepMania is capable of playing many game types.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: StepMania
Price: $0.00
Updated: 06 Nov 2005
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StepMania is capable of playing many game types. Currently, it supports games similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, EZ 2 Dancer, and Para Para Paradise. In the future, it will support games similar to BeatMania, Guitar Freaks, DrumMania, and more.

The games played by StepMania are rhythm games. Notes scroll up from the bottom of the screen, and the player must hit the corresponding button on the controller in time to the. All games can be played using the keyboard, but the real fun comes when using specially designed controllers, like a dance pad or hand sensors.

What's New:
Fixed change song speed menu codes starting with change difficulty menu codes.
Fixed memory leak in BeginnerHelper.
Fixed crashes due to high song meter values.
Fixed reading UTF-8 lyrics.
Fixed crashes related to BMS loading.
Fixed memory leak reading ZIPs.
Fixed handling corrupt banner cache.
Fixed long/marathon StageStats::GetAverageMeter results.
Fixed crash selecting Random with no songs.
Fixed songs with a non-zero initial #BPMS.
Editor: Fixed laying hold notes with shift-0.
Windows: Disabled parallel port lights driver due to GPL-incompatibility.
Windows: Worked around Realtek AC97 audio driver bug.
Windows: Fixed thread handle leak.
Added some fallbacks for note color NoteSkin elements.
Linux: Fixed some GCC 3.4 compilation problems.
Linux: Added extra autoconf checks for Lua and TLS.
OSX: Switch back to OS X installer.

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