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Star Conquest is a turn-based strategic wargame.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Dark Shadow Software Ltd
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Updated: 14 Jul 2006
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Star Conquest is a turn-based strategic wargame. It may be played as a single player, multi-player or network game. Up to ten players can play in a game, accompanied by up to ten computer controlled players.

Your objective is to guide your species in its expansion to all corners of the known Universe. You start with two or more populated Planets and a small number of Star Ships. Using these Star Ships you have to explore and colonise other Star Systems.

Soon you will encounter other species. Will you choose to conquer all, or perhaps fight as part of an alliance. Each year you can decide what strategy to follow, moving Star Ships or Fleets to attack or defend, colonising Planets and exploring Star Systems. Once every player has issued his or her commands, the year ends and the results are calculated. The game continues until all players are eliminated and only a single player or alliance remains.

Being a strategic wargame, Star Conquest is relatively complex and it may take several weeks before you fully appreciate its complexity and subtly of game play. If you are looking for a fast paced action game this isn't it!

If you play Star Conquest on a single computer then each Player takes it in turn to issue their orders. If you play a network game of Star Conquest each Player takes their turn simultaneously.

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