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Square Gems Square Gems 1.0
Square Gems is a set of 6 marvelous icons.
Math square Math square 1
Educational math software for school or personal.
Square 10x10 Square 10x10 1.1.2
The goal of Square 10x10 is to fill the square, from 1 to 100 but only certains moves are allowed.
Chi-Square Analysis Chi-Square Analysis 1.0
Chi-Square Analysis is a standalone Macintosh application that calculates the chi-square statistic for 2x2 to 10x10 contingency tables.
Square-Up Square-Up 12.0
Square-Up is an Adobe Illustrator plugin which will enable the user to rotate path segments so that they're square to either horizonal, the current preferences constrain angle, or to the dominant axis of the path.
Squares Squares 1.10.0
Spin and rotate to throw the objects away!
CellularAutomaton CellularAutomaton 1.0
Two years ago I worked on an interesting research project with a friend.
Tic Tac Toe Squares Tic Tac Toe Squares 1.0
Get three X's in a row (horizontal, vertical) before the O's in a row.
Square Assembler Square Assembler 1.6
Collect color squares and clear the board: 3 games, many strategies and skins
Audio ToolBox Audio ToolBox 2.2.0
Audio function generator, produces sine, square, triangle, sawtooth waveforms

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