Sound Affects 1.0 review

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Sound Affects is an advanced interactive screensaver suite.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Jason German
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Updated: 05 Oct 2006
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Sound Affects is an advanced interactive screensaver suite. With 5 new Sound Reactive screensavers, everything thats ever been done, just got better. With original animation and mind crushing special effects these are the coolest Sound Affects.

With Firefly 2 sure, everyone will think you are crazy for clapping your hands and yelling at your computer. Tell them that your Fireflies will die without sound. Well, they willl still think you are crazy but at least you will have fun. If you want to get fancy now you can change their color to what ever you want. Best of all, now they actually look like... Well... Fireflies.

Firefight 2 is a non-stop attempt at total screen domination. Be very quiet. If you make a sound some of them explode into pixel dust. Like Firefly 2 the latest Firefight shows off new animations. Yeah buddy! BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER.

In Firestorm these guys are flying against the wind. Help them out by making some noise. Firestorm was hand animated so the movement is precise, interesting and much more exciting. The streaming backgrounds can be any color you want for whatever your mood. Get ready for this one, because it is like nothing you have ever seen.

SURFACE TENSION is actually 2 different Sound Reactive screensavers in one. Surface is a beautiful, other worldly interactive sight to see. It is art turned screensaver. After using Tension you will agree that the name is fitting. No doubt, SURFACE TENSION is the most sensitive and responsive Sound Reactive screensaver. Remember, all of the Sound Reactive screensavers are still enjoyable without any user interaction.

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