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SOHO Business Cards is the fastest way to design and print professional business cards on your Macintosh.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 22024K
Developer: Chronos
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Updated: 20 Dec 2006
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SOHO Business Cards is the fastest way to design and print professional business cards on your Macintosh.

It's a complete business card kit that includes card stock, 13,+ designer graphics, 50 Bitstream commercial-grade fonts, and 3,+ ready-made designs covering more than 400 professions. It supports virtually all business card stocks including Avery, PaperDirect, Idea Art and more. Print horizontal, vertical, double-sided, folding, and CD business card formats for the entire company (integrates with Mac OS X Address Book). Powerful design tools include 20+ shapes, 100+ image masks, 150+ fields, transparency, shadows, rotation, auto-text scaling, smart-guides, iPhoto integration and more.

30 day trial.

What's New:
The software is now a "universal binary" so it will run natively on Intel-based Macs as well as PowerPC-based Macs.
The SOHO Business Cards application is now located in the SOHO Series folder inside the Applications folder.
When creating new documents, we now zoom the document to fit the window. Previously, new documents were always set to 100%.
Software updates are now loaded in the background so the application won't be tied up for a long time on slow internet connections.
Moved the Create Text button to the right side of the window. This provides better grouping of the controls that relate to inserting objects into the document.
When we paste images (whether from a file path or actual image data on the pasteboard), the new image is centered in the visible portion of the canvas.
Can now double-click a shape, clip art image or photo to insert it into the document.
Reorganized the Line style tools. Now the arrowhead tools are easier to understand and the size of each arrowhead is displayed.
Increased the maximum arrowhead size for lines (to allow for larger arrows).
Added an "Open Existing File" button to the new document sheet (so user doesn't have to dismiss sheet, then choose Open File command).
Added preferences for changing the grid spacing and the grid guideline spacing. The grid no longer moves as the window is resized -- it's anchored to the page origin.
Fixed a problem where images added to shapes would print out very small. This only happened when the image position was set to "Center".
Fixed a problem where high resolution or vector images were sometimes being printed at 72dpi which made them look fuzzy.
Fixed a problem that occurred under Mac OS X 10.4 where certain images would appear as garbage when a mask image was applied to them.
Fixed a problem where image files dragged from the Finder into a document would sometimes come in with their width/height set to zero.
Improved resizing of graphics. It's now easier to grab the resizing knobs, especially when the zoom setting is small.
Added some "wiggle room" before initiating a drag. This should reduce the number of inadvertent drags when clicking or double-clicking objects.
Added a "Move Graphics By" command for offsetting a group of graphics all at once.
We now prompt the user before opening any AutoRecover files that are left on disk (if the computer/software crashes). The user can choose to open the files or move them to the trash.

Mac OS X v10.2 or later (v10.3 or later required to use vector clip art)
30MB of available disk space (1.2GB for full clip art collection)
CD-ROM drive (Multi-CD Set Inside)
Inkjet or laser printer (optional). Great results from popular inkjet, laser, and color laser printers including HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, etc.

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