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Sleep Moon Xpress Sleep Moon Xpress 2.0.0
The Next-Generation Automation Utility
Sleep Script Sleep Script 1.0
Sleep Script - If you want to put your Mac to sleep immediately you would normally switch to the Finder and select "Sleep" from the Special Menu.
iTunes Sleep Timer iTunes Sleep Timer 1.0
iTunes Sleep Timer is a small AppleScript which as the name implies provides a sleep timer for iTunes.
Sleep USB Sleep USB 1.0
Sleep USB is designed for use with PC card-based USB adapters for PowerBooks.
SuspendNow! SuspendNow! 0.8
With SuspendNow! you can use the new Safe Sleep mode, simply double clicking it without removing the normal Sleep feature from the System.
Sleep Monitor Sleep Monitor 2.1.1
Let Sleep Monitor keep track of your everyday Mac use and finally discover how long you really spend on your Mac.
WinSleep by MollieSoft WinSleep by MollieSoft
Sleep based on usage limits. Shows a timeline of sleep and awake periods.
Process Sleep Demo Process Sleep Demo 1.0
Process Sleep Demo is a class (not a plugin) that uses Threads and Semaphores in order to allow a routine to put itself to sleep until some other code awakes the routine again so that it continues in its flow.
Nap Time Nap Time 0.1
Nap Time is a small application that allows you to enter the amount of minutes you would like to elapse before the computer goes to sleep.
SleepWatcher SleepWatcher 2.0.4
SleepWatcher is a command line tool (daemon) for Mac OS X that monitors sleep, wakeup and idleness of a Mac.

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