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Skooby Renamer is a utility for renaming files and folders.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 5K
Developer: SkoobySoft
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Updated: 05 Oct 2006
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Skooby Renamer is a utility for renaming files and folders. It has many powerful options for creating and formatting filenames and carrying out renaming operations.

But what really raises it above the competition is that it has its own Finder-style file browser built in, so you don't need to switch back and forth from the Finder when renaming files.

Here are some key features of "Skooby Renamer":
File management
Finder-style column browser with sidebar for easy file selection.
Thumbnail viewer for easier browsing of images.
Thumbnail export. Thumb viewer can export thumbs as jpg files, either using existing thumbnails or new ones created with the desired size and quality.
File browser can be detached from the main window, allowing it to be resized freely.
File preview drawer gives full-size preview of file contents.

Flexible and powerful New Name options, with name, number and datestamp elements.
Options for altering existing filenames, including find/replace, trim, remove numbers, remove specified characters, change case, make Windows- and/or UNIX-compatible.
Find/replace options support regular expressions.
Quick-n-easy Simple setting for when you just want to quickly rename some files with a name and number.
Pixel-size calculation for image files.
Word-count calculation for text files.
Rename MP3 files with ID3 tags (artist, album, title etc.).
Rename jpg files with EXIF tags (if available).
Presets - create and save sets of renaming options which can be retrieved and applied at a stroke.
Optional receipt generation for each renaming operation (a receipt is a text file giving details of date, operation type, files renamed etc).
File system search by filename, type, date. (Supports regular expressions.)
Four different types of rename operation - Rename; Copy & Rename; Move & Rename; Copy Rename & Move.

Registration screen at startup.

What's New:
New Name section now has the option of creating random filenames (using UUID format).
New Name section date options - file creation/modification dates can be used.
Improved performance of pixel size insertion for image files.
Fixed bug in Special/Image Files function which sometimes caused crashes when inserting pixel sizes.
Fixed bug in file browser where long filenames didn't always truncate properly in the middle.

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