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With SimpleTimer you can create timers and reminders for your daily chores.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 333K
Developer: Cubelogic
Price: $0.00
Updated: 10 Jan 2006
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With SimpleTimer you can create timers and reminders for your daily chores. The user interface allows you to quickly set up a reminder (e.g. "remember to do laundry 45 minutes from now"), but it's easy to enable more advanced scheduling operations. However, SimpleTimer does not aim to replace sophisticated utilities like cron.

This software is free software under the GNU GPL. Source code is freely available as a tarball or zipfile or directly at the CVS repository.

Here are some key features of "SimpleTimer":
One window for every timer.
Set up the entire behavior of the timer just like you would do with a "real" kitchen timer.
Open as many timers as you desire.
When timer goes off, you can open a message, and/or open a web page, and/or play a sound file.
Each timer can have its own individual messages, URLs, sounds.
Save your frequent reminder messages and URLs.
Able to read any standard sound format (MP3, AIFF, SND, NeXT, etc.).
Ability to program cyclic timers, with a custom repeat cycle (eventually after a specified date).
Once timers are set, you may close their windows and forget them: they will run in the background, while you do your work. (You can't close the app though.)
Save timers on the disk, and double click them from the Desktop (or from anywhere on the Finder). You can set them to auto-start once opened.
Summary panel that shows the status of every open timer, with countdown, reminder name, actions that will be performed and repeatitions settings.
Countdown is shown also printed on individual timer windows.
Quickly glance at the status of all your timers with a single Control-click on the dock icon. (Isn't it annoying when you have to bring an application window visible to the front just to see the status of one window?)
Since you can save a timer as an independent file on your disk, you can create reminders for other people too: employees, friends, and others (provided they have SimpleTimer installed on their computers).
Low CPU usage: SimpleTimer doesn't keep your CPU busy, and has a small memory footprint.
Being a native Cocoa application, SimpleTimer blends nicely into the traditional "Aqua" user experience.

What's New:
Universal binary build.
Removed redundant warning functionalities.
Cleaned up the main UI (a little bit).
Some bug fixes.

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