SilverFast Ai (Leica) S1 Pro 6.4.3r9 review

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SilverFast sets a new standard for Desktop-Scanners.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: LaserSoft Imaging, Inc.
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Updated: 25 Mar 2006
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SilverFast sets a new standard for Desktop-Scanners. SilverFast is high-end scan and imaging software from LaserSoft Imaging which is now available for most scanners under Mac. SilverFast combines an intuitive user interface with highest professionality.

Beginners and professionals will appreciate the intelligent automatic functions as well as the possibility to manually adjust the image at any point. Since any operation can instantaneously be undone, the beginner can easily get aquainted with the software's interface.

The professional user can adjust any operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the results using a densitometer.

Here are some key features of "SilverFast Ai Leica S1 Pro":
Real-Time Correction on large Preview
Auto-Adjust with Artificial Intelligence
Selective Colour Correction
Predictable Colour with CMYK Softproof
ICC Colour Management with IT8 Calibration (optional)
Unique Unsharp Masking and Focus Control
JobManager advanced batch processing
Multi-Sampling for noise reduction.

What's New:
General: It's now possible to choose Kodachrome instead of the normal Positive setting in the Pos./Neg. popup. With the LS9 this will enable the use of the DIGITAL ICE Professional Technology as a part of the ICE4 Technology, which is targeted to scan KODACHROME images with ICE. Additionally it's now possible to choose a special input ICC profile in the Options dialog, that will only get used when Kodachrome is selected (this options is only shown in the Options dialog, if Kodachrome is selected).
General: New descreening feature for all Studio versions: Far less artifacts while remaining sharp edges. Special feature allowing text black on white stay excellently sharp!

General: When changing CMM options (e.g. select a different profile), the user is asked to do a new Prescan to reflect the changes, though this is not necessary – Fixed.
General: The ICC profiles are now listed with their description followed by the filename in brackets. If the description matches the filename, only the description is listed.
General: The automatic alignment in the SilverFast Multisampling feature failed in some cases at very high resolutions. This is fixed by the latest improvement to the automatic alignment.
General: Improved automatic detection of the screen in the USM & Descreening dialogue.

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