SilverFast Ai (HP) 4 P 6.4.3r8 review

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SilverFast sets a new standard for Desktop-Scanners.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: LaserSoft Imaging, Inc.
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Updated: 02 Mar 2006
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SilverFast sets a new standard for Desktop-Scanners. SilverFast is high-end scan and imaging software from LaserSoft Imaging which is now available for most scanners under Mac. SilverFast combines an intuitive user interface with highest professionality.

Beginners and professionals will appreciate the intelligent automatic functions as well as the possibility to manually adjust the image at any point. Since any operation can instantaneously be undone, the beginner can easily get aquainted with the software's interface. The professional user can adjust any operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the results using a densitometer.

Here are some key features of "SilverFast Ai HP 4 P":
SRD- Dust and Scratch Removal
SCC - Advanced Selective Colour Correction
ACR - Adpative Colour Restoration
SC2G - Selective Colour to Grey
GANE - Grain and Noise Elimination
MidPip4 - Advanced Colour Cast Removal
QuickTime Movie Tutorials
Automatic Descreening
Enhanced GANE (Grain and Noise Elimination).

What's New:
STUDIO upgrade available for efficient Noise reduction and Dynamic Range increase available
Changed Default for Automatic Behaviour (ColorCast Removal or no ColorCast Removal). Now the Automatic always behaves as set in the Options (Default is to Remove a ColorCast).

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