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Excel Significant Digits (Figures) Software Excel Significant Digits (Figures) Software 7.0
Reformat numbers as significant digits in MS Excel.
SimplEquations SimplEquations 2.0
Software that teaches students how to identify significant figures and how to give answers correct to the required number of significant figures.
SigniFigures SigniFigures 2.0
Teaches students how to identify significant figures and to round off answers correct to the number of significant figures specified.
MetricMaster MetricMaster 4.3
MetricMaster is a measurement unit conversions calculator containing over 2,000 metric/S.
sigsafe sigsafe 0.1.3
sigsafe is a C library for safely, reliably, and promptly handling signals delivered to specific threads without significant overhead.
This Day in History This Day in History 1.0.8
This Day in History Widget shows significant historical events that took place on the current day or any selected day.
Unihan Variant Dictionary Unihan Variant Dictionary 1.1
"Unihan variants" are alternates of characters belonging to the "Unified Han," or "Unihan," section of the Unicode standard.
Synthpop - Apple Loops Synthpop - Apple Loops 1.1
MG are delighted to present over 800 samples that pay tribute to one of the most significant musical movements of the 20th Century - the Synthpop revolution of the 80s and 90s! All over Europe a generation of talented artists embraced the technology available to them for the first time and made music using sounds no one had ever used before.
Stair Dismount - Porrasturvat Stair Dismount - Porrasturvat 1.0.3
The legendary superhero Spector has found, to his shock, that he cannot write off all the damage he has caused to the city out of his taxes unless he proves that he has sustained significant damage in the process himself! Now it's up to you to 'help' him with this little detail.
WisePopup WisePopup 4.0
Want boost your subscription levels by up to 535% or more