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SigMaker - Turn a signature or logo into a font.

License: Demo
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
File size: 2164K
Developer: FontLab, Ltd.
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Updated: 28 Nov 2005
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SigMaker - Turn a signature or logo into a font.

SigMaker is a quick way to add signatures (or other scanned characters) to TrueType fonts.

Import formats: Version 1 for Windows: TrueType, BMP, TIFF. Version 2 for Mac OS: TrueType, TIFF, PICT, EPS.
Export Format: Version 1 for Windows: Windows TrueType. Version 2 for Mac OS: Windows TrueType and Mac TrueType

Step 1. First select a font in which to include your signature.
Step 2. Next open the saved image of your signature.
Step 3. Make any changes you would like to make on the enlarged image.
Step 4. Select the part of the image which includes your signature.
Step 5. Now adjust the dimensions of the image to fit the other characters in the font.
Step 6. Finally choose a key from the keyboard to represent your new character.
Step 7. Now save the adjusted font, and you're done!

What's New:
Improvements include new streamlined process
better image preparation
two-byte font compatibility (Japanese/Chinese)
numerous detailed enhancements.

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