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Mark Separator Mark Separator 1.0
Mark Separator separates scanned files when a Mark is found on a page.
MMshall Video Audio Separator MMshall Video Audio Separator 2.13
Convert various format video to mp3 aac ogg wav, High Quality
iPassion Dock Separators iPassion Dock Separators 1.5
With MacOS X you can customize toolbars in the finder.
Atomic Beef Atomic Beef 1.3
Atomic Beef is an app/file menu item launcher.
stringMixer stringMixer 1.0
StringMixer is an application to separate a text in many elements, with a specified separator, and to sort them by random sequence.
4D Toolbox 4D Toolbox 1.0
4D Toolbox is a free 4th Dimension plugin with various routines, you might find useful.
SigniFigures SigniFigures 2.0
Teaches students how to identify significant figures and to round off answers correct to the number of significant figures specified.
FileName List Compiler FileName List Compiler 1.7
FileName List Compiler is an AppleScript that will set the contents of your clipboard to the names of selected files and folders as a text list, separated by returns (default) or a user-defined separator.
Batch File Split & Join Free Batch File Split & Join Free 5.0.28
Split and merge multiple text or binary files with this powerful tool!
MaxiToolbar Pro MaxiToolbar Pro 1.4.4
With Maxi Toolbar Pro, REALbasic developers can add Mac OS X-style toolbars to their Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Microsoft Windows applications.

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