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Net Send Lite Net Send Lite 3.02
Send network messages instantly using our Net Send Lite GUI utility.
Net-Send command Net-Send command 1.1.584
Free Net send command replacement for all Windows
Group Net Send Group Net Send 1.01
Send a network message instantly to a list of usernames or computers.
Mobizware-Lite Mobizware-Lite 1.0
Freeware MMS SMS Server. Send MMS SMS from PC using GSM modem or mobile phone.
Send Photos To iPhoto Send Photos To iPhoto 1.0.0b1
"Send Photos To iPhoto" makes it quick and easy to send all the photos in one or more Mail messages to iPhoto.
Send Complex HTML E Send Complex HTML E 1.1
Send Complex HTML E is an Entourage script that allows you to send complex html via Entourage.
psSendMail psSendMail 1.1
Easily send e-mail directly from your custom applications. 32-bit DLL
Send pdf via Entourage Send pdf via Entourage 1.0
Send pdf via Entourage uses the PDF workflow feature, introduced in OS X 10.
Send SMS Send SMS 1.7
How do you send an SMS? Are you using the T9 input method? Are you also wondering why you are using these small keys with numbers on it to enter text while you have your Mac keyboard in front of you? Then the Send SMS widget is for you.
NetSendFaker NetSendFaker 1.3.6
NetSendFaker allows you to send anonymous net send messages.

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