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abcMover abcMover 1.3
automatic inputting software
RobotProg RobotProg 1.1
Program a virtual robot with a flowchart : first you draw the flowchart, then you run the program and watch the robot executing your program.
rootMachine rootMachine 1.9.1
rootMachine is a very basic Maintenance Application to simply keep your Mac humming nice & smooth! You will need to be an Administrator You will be asked for Admin Password for each job Run these Jobs every day if you like, but at least, once a week! Select what rootMachine should do after executing the selected jobs.
SqliteQuery SqliteQuery 0.7.2
SqliteQuery is a utility for executing SQL statements on SQLite databases.
OnMyCommand OnMyCommand 1.7.2
OnMyCommand is a Contextual menu for executing Unix commands.
SWTools SWTools 1.0
SW-Tools is a small collection of needfull utilities
Shellsilver Shellsilver 1.4
Shellsilver allows you to execute UNIX shell scripts from the Finder.
WebSlower WebSlower 2.0.2
Check you website at low speed connection and see all the HTTP headers
ultimateTask ultimateTask 1.8
There are many out there, right? Maintenance applications.
sterMachine sterMachine 2.3.1b
Simple Maintenance Application for Jaguar & Panther Versions of Mac OS X -Run all Cron Jobs -Repair Disk Permissions -Update Prebinding -Update Locate Database -Update Whatis Database -Clean Cookies -Clean History -Clean Download Caches -Clean browser Caches -Restart, Shutdown view log after executing.